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How Lolita Clothing Redefine the Fashion and style Market

Lolita style has originated in Japan. This type is heavily inclined in the direction of the Victorian style and impressed by the costumes of the Rococo period. Cosplay is an acronym of costume play which is a type of artwork during which a person or a bunch attire in thematic costumes and accessorie…

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An Inside Costume Play Subculture

Cosplay is a youth subculture originating in Japan. The moniker is derived from the words "costume" and "play", and is believed to have been first thought up in 1984 by a Japanese studio executive named Nov Takahashi. When he wrote for Japanese science fiction magazines concerning the spectacular co…

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What's Your Favorite Costume Play Character?

It's so apparent that every fellow have their favorite anime & manga characters which they aspire to cosplay. Nonetheless, does the one suit your style? Selecting proper and fitted character is one of the significant elements in cosplay. For those who've chosen the suitable character , it's easy to …

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